Why Choose Us?

    Let's be honest, nowadays digital marketing on your own seems fairly easy to do. Most people are on social media sites allowing direct access to your market audience. The problem is actually reaching them!

That's where we come in! 

   A major con to marketing through social media is that it's a saturated market, therefore making it difficult to appeal to your customer(s).


We find common denominators within your target audience, allowing us to find a sales strategy that actually works. 

"The confused or bored customer never buys."

Our team of professional writers will help guide you in the making of an advertisement by clarifying a simple and clear call to action your audience can't resist!

With Black Gate Pictures, we will:

* Research your customer journey & market(s) *

* Identify problems that your product or service solves *

* Focus on the problem of the highest frequency *

* Present a clear solution to your audience * 

* Sell customers on your brand as the right solution *

* A call to action they can't resist to take *

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At Black Gate Pictures, we treat every video production engagement like a chef prepares for their top meals. All the ingredients needed are prepped and ready to cook beforehand. We understand that a successful operation starts with proper planning. This means creating compelling scripts, hiring the right crew, securing the best equipment and blocking before actual video production commences.

If you want a professional video production service that knows how to produce quality content, then contact us at Black Gate Pictures Productions.


Preparation is key when dealing with video production. If you don’t have a plan for your production, then expect cost overruns and lost time during the production and editing process. If you plan your video properly, then you’ll encounter fewer issues and be on budget.

We help clients with the following video pre-production processes:

 Research your industry's market *

* Strategize your Ad campaign *

* Write a compelling script *

* Create a shot list and Shooting Schedule *

* Hire the film crew & vendors *

* Scout locations *

* Take care of legal matters and permits *

* Casting your talent and actors *

* Acquiring the gear for your project *

* Camera Test's *

* Blocking/choregraphing *

These pre-production elements are key so that everyone is on page once filming begins. No time or budget are wasted on poor planning. We ensure we execute on the shooting script and stay on budget.

Hiring the film crew

We understand that every video project is different. Each have a unique budget and requirements tailored specifically to reach your campaign's goals. With that being said, producing a video can become expensive. That's why we use our contacts to get the best talent for the right price. This includes finding the right actors, crews, directors and production designers. We hire talented professionals who will help us meet the deadlines and stay on budget.

Location Scouting

Once we've secured the right talent, it’s time to find cinematic views for your video project. North Carolina is the perfect place. We have the beach, industrial areas, rural and even major cities.  

We find the right locations that make sense with the script and at the same time, what idyllic spot would look appealing in your video. More so, we understand that several locations may require permits. We will secure the necessary permits so that the production stays on course without delays.

Finally, with no extra fees we provide a beautiful 1,500 Sq Ft studio that's versatile for many uses.  We're able to turn this space into any location you can dream of! Perhaps, you don't have a space to your advantage. No problem, let our professional designers transform it into a custom office space, a luxury bedroom or even a terrifying dungeon!  We clear the caution tape around video production so you can rest easy and leave the creative process to the professionals!

Casting Talent or Voice Actors

With filming locations and crew in place, the next step is to acquire the necessary talent to execute the script. We often work with the CEOs or executives in their videos. However, for some projects, we take care of talent sourcing so you don’t have to scour Facebook or the Internet to find actors for your project. We have an extensive network of local talent, ready and eager to participate in a high quality video shoot. We take care of the auditions and the selection appropriate for your video as well.

Equipment & Gear

Every video production is different. Shoots during the day require very different lighting requirements vs. shot at night. We take care of acquiring the appropriate lighting equipment to get the most production value for your project. For bigger projects that require unique shots. As supporters of other local small businesses we have access to rental houses, as well as our own equipment. These resources help us get quality production for any video at any budget. Many of them used on the set's of your favorite shows and movies!

Depending on the style of the cinematography and your budget, we choose the appropriate camera(s) and the lens's needed to execute the shot list.

Rehearsals & Blocking

Once we’ve hired the right crew, secured the appropriate equipment and actors, it’s time to block & rehearse. Prior to the shoot our location scouts take photographs of the location and go over any potential issues prior to the shoot. We ensure we have enough lighting if we feel the location is too dark or lighting modifiers if we feel the light at the location is too bright.

If necessary, we have table reads and rehearsals before the cameras start rolling. These precautionary steps before actual filming will help create chemistry and trust between the acting talent and film crew. 

On the day of filming we ask the talent to practice their lines and to walk through the scenes. We block out the movement prior to rolling the cameras so the crew and actors know where they need to be and when they need to be once the cameras start to roll.